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Driving - myself 1

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

for the first time...I've drive, on my own..
other than to pick up my brother at school.

because the due date is I need to deliver this mail at that instant..
well...the "pos laju" actually.
apparently. there was nobody here that could bring me there...
so I just drove myself.
all to the post office..
just near the Kompleks PKNS~

well.I need somebody with me along the driving...
so I begged my brother to tag along. *evil me*

alhamdulillah..syukur ke hadrat illahi.
nothing bad happened.
I did drive as normal as I can..
one thing that I'm sure is...
I just can't go over 60 and above. It just feel really fast to me -__-" 

well...I'm just proud of myself.. for being able to drive. *at last*

spring waltz : man with piano

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I'd just finished watching online drama spring waltz.
well.actually, I want to download it into my lappy...
but the link seems to be watched it on youtube. *in case you want to--> Spring Waltz*

it was 2006 koream-drama.
this is my second watched actually..
suddenly.I felt want to watch it all over again..

what I want to say here is that..

I love pianist...I like the sound of piano they make.
how they move their hand..smoothly through each by one..
both their hand didn't play the same way actually..*right and left*
it was beautiful though.
I really want to play it some day..
but it seems hard to learn. so. it is better to listen them playing.

to be precisely it was the man itself. (Seo Do Young) ^-^

I just wonder...
If some guy play a song for me with a piano....
especially dedicated to me...>.<''
ZZZZzzz~ *just dreaming*

sleeping much

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Hello Tuesday!! How are you ?
I always meet you after Monday, isn't it. ^-^
and after that....
comes Wednesday.
and there is Tuesday again.

so.what are you doing on this Tuesday???
nothing much, I guess.
just do some cleaning stuff. *basic things*..
checking email.*lots of time spending here*...
sleeping comfortably.*I alarmed for 2 hours only, but then I snoozed it to 3 and a half hour*..-still dizzy now-
taking care of my brothers.*driving car back and forth to the same old school of mine.kind of remind me of old memory sometimes*...-not THAT old..just old~-

I'm guessing my post today not very informative.
so sorry about that..
maybe because I didn't see much thing lately...*honestly, I enjoy my sleeping time very much* :)

I do sleep like this sometime.
Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night. by William Blake
but obviously. I sleep in the morning…

ignorance is embarrassing.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

have you ever been ignored by someone you know??
or whenever you are talking??

or it is you who ignore people around you??
well.if it's YOU!!
I'll hope you change your habit.

what ever it is...
being ignore is something shameful to that person.
or rather hurt their pride~
either anyone notice it or not.
it is natural, I guess.
obviously I'm one of them...>.&lt;''

it really kind of bothers me...
it feels like you are not important at all to that person !!!

but I don't mind type of person actually..
I just let it go then~

I just want to say that...
whenever ones don't speak up...doesn't mean they are totally agree with your behave.
try look at yourself....your surroundings....the scenery of people have around you.
once you understand that...
you'll be a better person to anyone..^-^ *InsyaAllah*

and please.please.please..
               treat others nicely    :)

Contengan Jalanan - HLOVATE -

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

akhirnya...berpeluang juga nak baca novel hasil karya terbaru Hlovate ni..
memang suka pun cara dia..
byk da novel Hlovate yg tersusun rapi, siap dibalut lg,..syg tau

suka ayat ni " ACT DUMB. YOU'LL LEARN MORE"
novel ni memang best....penuh dgn makna keagamaan.
sesiapa yang dalam perjalanan untuk mencari..
erti hidup...tujuan hidup...untuk siapa kita ini di dunia yg sementara??
digalakkan utk mmbaca novel ini....

dlm novel ni..
terdapat 2 buah kisah...dua2 ada kena-mgena antara satu sama lain..
mle2 pelik jgk..igt kan buku ni tersalah taip ke apa??
ohh..memang begitu~

kisah 1...Affendy,Fendy
kisah 2...Ku Kamaruzzaman,K-square-

mereka adalah sahabat sejak kecil..sedara sekampung.
byk aktiviti2 nakal mereka wktu kcik yg sgt happy...
dua2 kisah ni mnceritakan bagaimana perjalanan mereka utk menemui sesuatu kekosongan dlm diri..
slma ni hidup hanyalah utk diri sndri...
itu je yg memenuhi khidupan mereka slma n…