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somthing I realise..

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah hiwabarakatuu..

how am I??
Fine.Thank you..^-^
today was the last day I'll be in my lovely house...

as I have class this Wednesday.huhu...:'(
and I will not be back until the end of my asasi...

well.that is not what I want to share now...
today I went for shopping with my brothers..
not shopping like shopping for a clothes...
just house store...and some my brother things..
because he will further his studies in Terengganu this Wednesday!!

after finished..
we stop at MPH Bookstore...yah!!
I own this 200 'baucer' book...
so I decided to buy terjemahan alquran..
my brother bought a dictionary and some files, just in case..
there I spent 100 of it...hoho..
I thought it would not exceed 100..but it is more than that.

during my time in choosing the quran..
I overheard some women there...
who were indeed are going to use their 'baucer'..
they're all in novella row...and there were many in their hands too

and I was just...'are there going to spend all …

Test 1 (2nd sem)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah hiwabarakatu...^-^

just by this week,..
I had finished answering my test 1 for 4 subject (math,chemistry,physic,computing)

I've tried different method of studying this time...
which was, study with my friends..
well...I'm not a study group person.I just want to see the result~ it is...
8/20 for my chemistry???? this for real??!!well..
now I know what type of person I really am..:)

Out for a LAPPY

Assalammualaikum W.B.T.

actually it is not me who wants to buy a laptop..
but it was my friend, Mira instead.
I'm just accompanying her.

the only place to buy a lappy here is Plaza Alam Sentral (PAS)..
which I know very well as I live here..
so that's why I was chosen...

we planned to go around 12 in the noon,
because Mira have chess tournament..
however...what happen was not really according to the plan.

the chess tournament actually ended at 4.00pm..
so we had to perform Zohor first and then start for the JOURNEY~...
it is quite late because the sky was getting dark all of sudden.

I thought we had cancelled, but Mira already plan with someone to buy her the lappy..
kenala jugak pergi....

we waited for bus quite long..

know what is the 6.30 already.arghh
feel sleepy suddenly..

then we go around the plaza to search after this person..
I don't really know who he was...
and I don't get to see him as I was eati…

pasar malam!!

yah..for the first time nak jalan2 kat area puncak alam..
with pika and intan..(they are my classmate).

plan nak pegi lps kelas csc..
but before that solat asar dlu.
sbb kelas csc hbs kul 4.30 kurg kul 5.30 pergi tunggu bas rapid 600.
dgn excited nye, KAMI MENUNGGU..

obviously,aku la plg excited..
sbb pika ngn intan da pernah pergi da pasar malam ni.
entah knp, tiba2 diorg ajk aku..
aku pun...hehe..ikut je la.

tunggu punya tunggu..
eeeee.apasal bas ni lmbat sgt eh??
hah.pnjg umur bas ni..tiba2 je dtg satu.
oh mak aii,..pnoh nye manusia dlm tu..mmg gler ah..
da taleh nak msok kot.
akhirnya ktorg buat kputusan utk wait for another trip.

and you know what..
it is almost 6.00 pm...
but later intan's mak teh with her kindness want to drive us to pasar malam.hoho...
tayah la sesak2 dlm bas..
tp mmg sesak btol bas tu..
entah mana entah student palam ni nak pergi,aku un x tau???

at last!!!PASAR~
WAH...terasa lama pulak x pergi pasar ni.
yela.da 2 mggu x balik umah..:/
mknan sana sini..haha..

have you ever feel the same??

lately a feel my friends a bit annoying...
its just make me feel they are not honest with me..
it might just what I feel..
but...I just get along with it..

I'm a type of person who like to do things on my own.
actually,..I'm just shy to ask anyone to be on my side..
so, I just do the things that I'm capable of..

a little incidence happen that makes me acknowledge this.
we are all were given the same task..
and must be pass-up and the end of the class..
I'm just doing mine with some problems...but I manage to solve it..

while my friends were having their own problem..
they were just don't want to figure out the answer on their out..
despite, they just intend to ask me for help...

well, I'm also a kind-heart person..
at first I help them..and it went smooth..
so proceed to the next question..
as you know,...the question are going too difficult at the next level..
even I don't get the correct answer..
but I just see how others do and try it on my own..

the things that annoys me i…