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my asasi is done

Asalamualaikum w.b.t.

23 March 2012 :
the last paper I had to answer,CTU085~

which mean my foundation has already end.after one years of hardwork,..well not actually one year.but is a one year education... now it is finished.^-^''
*class 2 days 1 night trip*

haha...I just don't believe it.
knowing new friends from all over Malaysia...including!!
having the experience that I never had before...
getting a life of independent...
having an awesome room-mate, house-mate and friends..
trying hard everyday up and down through the 'Tangga Kejayaan'...

working in a group combine with the boys...-___-''
drinking water cooler everyday...
watching a theater alone,and having a happy moment of myself...
eating breakfast, lunch and dinner by myself..*buy at the cafe*
first time entering the lecturer hall..
spend my first month of fasting without my family~
which mean I got to bazar and iftar with my friends...:)
having discussion with the lecturers... get to the …

Ready for Final!!!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

wishing all the best for their final exam...(mostly to all asasian in UiTM Puncak Alam)

i'll be taking my final exam starting next monday..
and I was just finished my test 2 this week..
which kind of hard too~

it makes me chill for the final as it will be harder and tougher than the test 2..
oooh...please.let me understand the topic~ :'(

i don't know if i could score for this final or not..
because i'am not well prepared for to last semester. :'(

i only have 5 days to be prepared before the first paper to come..
including this day...
then it is only saturday and sunday...:'(

why time travels so fast???
i didn't even manage to find the right path for my future yet..
but now i only have 2 weeks left for my asasi....
is it fair??
ouch....Please.Keep the faith in me in facing the final exam! :)