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very3 sengal

so,so,so,,...not like.
nyampah gle kowt..

there was a guy..
i don't know who's the hell was he.
what is he up to
and what so ever..

at first,
he called my phone..
of cuz there just no. coming up..
mean that no. is not in my phonebook.
at JELASNYA he's not my friends.

but.kte angkat je la.dah org call..
me : hello,Assalammualaikum
he : sape nie?
me : nie sape?
he : ala,ko kat ne?sape nie..
me : helda..?!!
call ended..
kte da pelik da,mamat nie yg call tetiba tanye kte sape.
sengal ape..
da arr x jwb salam.
bkn org ISLAM ke..??

beberapa ketika..
he called me back...AGAIN.???!!
me : hello,Assalamualaikum.
he : ckap btol2.nie sape?
me : awk sape.??nak ckap dgn sape?
he : dgn member la.
me : awk salah no. la...member awk x de kat sni.!!
he : awk duk mne?
me : huh.??nak bwat pe tau.
he : ala,ckap je.btol3.
me : shah alam
he : ouh.umo brapa?
me : huh.
he : da hbs blaja ke tgh blaja lg.??
me : apesal nie.awk spe.??
he : ok, nie last.awk ckap je umo awk bpe.
me : eeeee,x nak la.awk spe..kte x knal3.da4..
call ende…

tau x..?

lg seminggu aje lg ramadhan tiba..
x de la ckop seminggu..
lbh kurang le...

huh,cpat tol mse belalu..
jap2 da pose...jap2 nti raye lak..
pastu amk TRIAL SPM..
sebulan peh tu..SPM plak en..
kejap je en nak hbs thn 2010..
ek eh..jauh lak pegi nye..

test2 nye result da dpt da..
physic sama chemi I tetap fail la..
cne la pertghan thn dulu x fail ek.
pelik arr..
susa tol..
kte nye addmath mmg gle x cye arr..
bia btoool.

oh ho.

oh hi.
i've been watching a movie..

lindsay lohan and chris pine..
u know the guy in princess diaries..
he has a gorgeous blue eyes..
and a kind face..

its a old movie..
somewhere in 2006 i think..
my sis just download it.
so.i just watch it..

they switch their luck become good and bad..
with a kiss..
to get her lucky charm again..
and finally she just dont want it..

it is just a story..
'khurafat' tau kalau caye.

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MIX UP...uh

last night,
I manage to memorise surah as-sajaddah n surah yassin..
the whole surah..

I still can't do the 'tadwir' one..
u know the 'sederhana nye bacaan'...=]
I was sOOooOOoo SEKAT2...
especially on surah as-sajaddah at the last part..

my head now is full with those two surah..
it gets mix up..
what tO dO,,....what tO dO,...

whatever pun..
i hope tomorrow i will pass..
n i hope...
i get surah yassin at the last part..
and surah as-sajaddah at the beginning part..

beep..this week.

29 July 2010
that was a day my group have to present our model house

there was 4 judges who will judge our model..
all the participate were in form 4 and 5..
but not all form 5 were in..=]

along with the day was a class drama competition.
yes..i was in it too..
it was my first time act.ahahah
we do the 'MARIAH' drama
it was in antologi kerusi..the cerpen one..

by the way,it was interesting...
all KAA class were in..
and 1 class of KAB..