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it's easy to SEE than do~

how should I put this??
it should be "easy to SAY than do"..
but in my case
is a SEE ~.~

it had been so hard for me
well.for the first time..
but I really felt it was hard ,though.

I see others doing it so smooth and fine
so I try again and put some effort on it..
neh~it still hard...

to is so hard...
I can't really control the wheel very well.
looks like I'm going to accident any second..

Karaoke Night

this happen because of my brother
he was so bored and suggested to my mother for a karaoke...
and you know what..
that morning, I just went to my cousin's wedding
and became a door gift girl.>.<.
(ala.yg kena berdiri lelame smbil bg bunga telur kat tetamu tu)

well, I'm not so tired actually.
so I just tag along with the plan of going karaoke..

my mum wants to go to the nearest karaoke place..
which is at Ole-Ole Seksyen 18..
iyep.karaoke jamban uh.
at first I was like..''muat ke kita satu famili nak masuk nanti?''
fortunately there is a karaoke that set a room.

oh...ada rpenye~~
igt tade.hak.tula...x prnah explore pasaraya dkt2 umah nie.wah=]
so we booked for 2 hours..
(dia kire ikut jam)

msok2 je bilik tue trus plih lagu..
mak ngn abg aku nie mmg super la bab nyanyi2 nie..
ade je lagu diorg..(:

me too sing a song..
such as...
taylor swift-you belong with me
stacy-pakai buang
jonas brother-when you look into my eyes

yah.all the song I sing with all my heart..
but the truth i…

my 1'st attempt on driving a car

It happen on this monday ,14 of Feb...(Valentine day tue)
iyep.they took me at my house around 10.10 am that morning..
I was wearing this yellow strip t-shirt with a track bottom and a black scarf
we stop at Metro office sec 2...
after a minute of waiting,..
then my teacher came and took the driver seat.(a guy aka pak cik)
he asked my name and where do I live..
I simply answered it one at a time~
he explained how busy was at the 'Litar',
in that case,we went to Bukit Bandaraya???!!!
oh.dkat2 ngn Bukit Cerakah tue ha~~~

kat situ ,we switched our seat..
where I had to drive the car ,of course.
at first attempt.yeah ur right..
the engine was out.went black out.haha..>.<

then I drive along the way..
there not much car ,but still there is one or two...
I was doing this U-turn ,switching the gear ,stop at the white line ,and some 'bukit move'
it was hard though..
I can't estimate the road divider well,...

know what??!!
I'm the only one student that day..
which mean ,I and the teache…

schooling week for my bro~

although it is a schooling week for my brother
and yet I still have to wake up early in the morning like 5.30 am..
to act as a responsible sister,..
I made them a drink and a food before going to school..
then I need to do the cleaning of course.>.<'s nothing hard..
I don't have anything to do then.
so.suri rumah je la aku lps tue...

february story

ai.da msok bln Februari da~...inilah contoh budak lepasan SPM..
nothing to do at home,but well..actually there is..just act like there are nothing.haha..
wah.come to think of it...
i spent most of my time in front of the computer,or in my bed..
i have actually gain weight cuz of that.
so,i'm planning on having exercise in the morning...(plan je,x pnah wat pun)
currently i've been watching this korean drama..
i'm eagerly want to know the ending of the story.
but with the present of my older sis and bro..
i don't think i can even watch it because it is online..
so i'll end up spending an hour in front of the computer.this will make 'others' mad.don't they??!!
arrrrrggghh~ next driving classes start this is wednesday~
hoohoho..but i'm not yet paying the bill.
honestly,i really tired on walking to their office..
because sometime when i go there,there is no one in the office.
so i have to wait at the stairs ALONE...
well.i must pay for my there …