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talk in driving license

i was attended in the talk regarding on taking driving license
it was on wednesday
the talk was arranged from 9 am to 4.30 pm
so.i need to wake up early that day
i had took the Metro
and they given this 'kemudahan' by taking & sending me back home..

at first,i kind of nervous..
cause i will be alone that day..
but instead..i found myself 2 friends at there.=]
there were a lot of student from my primary school..
but u know.we had apart for many years..
so.they wouldn't recognize me anymore.=/

on the arrival..
we need to queue up to registration..
then did the eye exam..
i got 100% pass for that.=]
we head to the KURSUS KPP dewan...

waiting for the talk to begin at 9..
at last.the talk was at 11..
ah.janji melayu.biasala~

well.everything went well,i guess
now i have to prepare for the next exam..
the computer test!!!
here I come

last paper of 'SPM'

my LK paper went quite well this morning...
i think i could get an A for this,

today,I'm officially finish my 'SPM' exam of 2010.
kind of excited yesterday...
the excitement doesn't last long
don't want to write about it~

while answering this exam..
there was raining badly..
and yes,i feel quite lazy for a several time.
i managed to finished my paper 30 minutes before the time..
that was awesome,right.=]

how am I feel right now???

sad + hate + relieve = always calm,:]

how to describe that word..? don't know too~

whatever happen,let it happen..
don't let your feeling conquer your mind.

try to learn to except your fate la ye,

the 3rd week..& also the 4th of 'SPM'

i'm just forget to publish anything on the 3rd week..
there is so much time that week
that I can even watch a several movie..n_n!!

the 3rd week was a CHEMISTRY week..
kind of 'merdeka' a little I guess..
I only take one paper in that week..
but chemistry is not an easy subject to score an A+..
never mind then.

actually all of the student have finish their 'spm' paper..
including the 'science tulen' one..
how excited they are..
that was the exam..
i had been to tuition for this paper.=]
well.the free one of course..

not much to say.
it is really a good memories in this 'SPM' year..
can't even think what would my life be after this..


know what...?
this was all my present on my 17th birthday.=]
thank you very much.
(actually,there is another gift.a 'purple box'..but i already used it.haha)

2nd week of 'SPM'

this was the most struggle week ever.
Mathematics,Syariah Islamiah,Additional Maths,Physics..

i have hope on my mathematics..
the other 3 subjects....

don't want to think about it.
every time I check the answer..
it all turns out to be the WRONG answer.
oh mak ai!!

just then,i had 5 wrong answer on my PSI..
well,i'm not really 'semak' the whole paper..
but i can guess that my wrong answer would be even more greater than this..

it is all the same for my physics..
such a waste that i had been circled the wrong answer..
(dah bulat da yg btOl last minute tuka..da jd salah)
mmg ntah pape la..
susa kowt nak pk jwpan mane btol..
because the answer was all look like true...neh!!