talk in driving license

i was attended in the talk regarding on taking driving license
it was on wednesday
the talk was arranged from 9 am to 4.30 pm
so.i need to wake up early that day
i had took the Metro
and they given this 'kemudahan' by taking & sending me back home..

at first,i kind of nervous..
cause i will be alone that day..
but instead..i found myself 2 friends at there.=]
there were a lot of student from my primary school..
but u know.we had apart for many years..
so.they wouldn't recognize me anymore.=/

on the arrival..
we need to queue up to registration..
then did the eye exam..
i got 100% pass for that.=]
we head to the KURSUS KPP dewan...

waiting for the talk to begin at 9..
at last.the talk was at 11..
ah.janji melayu.biasala~

well.everything went well,i guess
now i have to prepare for the next exam..
the computer test!!!
here I come


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