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Driving - myself 2

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Proceed again with my driving skill.
today I went to Kompleks PKNS..
*ala, bgunan sebelah SACC & dekat2 PAS

I made a date with Sakinah....*a high-school friend of mine
we promises to do a movie-drama switching..
she just finished her final exam...
maybe, she want to spend her 2 weeks holiday watching movies...hee
*btw she further  studies in IT course at KL

I planned to go out at 3 pm...
which I did and successfully made my way to there...
but the funniest part is...>.<''
I took a long time for having the auto-ticket machine.

I repeated went out the window 3 times...
just to get take tiny-little ticket....
well...and to made that auto stick up!!!

It was my first time..
I just did not managed to estimate accurately..
the distant of the car and the ticket.hee..
maybe I will do better next time..^-^ *wish me luck

then I have to find my parking...
after wondering about 2 times. -___-''
there!!! I found an emp…


Assalamualaikum w.b.t. semalam punya kes la ni...
disebabkan pagi tu tidur smpai tgah hari...-__-''
ni mlm ni da mata ni bulat plak..
tanak kelip2 da cm biasa.

slalu bila jarum jam straight kat 12 mlm...
mmg da kuyu sikit da dia.haaa...
jadi, selepas itu.
terhabiskan masa dekat satu blog ni...*x igt la plak nme dia.

sbb ada byk sms2 yg comel2 version islamic.
dlm byk2 tu...tertarik dgn satu ni. =)

I had an X-ray done today , and they found YOU in my heart. The doctor said if they take you out , I would DIE , because I could not LIVE without such a GOOD friend . >.<''
*sambil dengar lagu Stand by You - Tohoshinki. N.I.C.E.
      Where are you now?
        Who are you with?
    What kind of clothes are you wearing?
    What are you doing and laughing at?
     I am right here.
      Even now, I am right here.
      And I still believe that we will see each other again.

to all my friends : Thank you for having me as your friend. :)

Barakallah ya saudaraku :)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

just recently...
I went to my cousin's weeding...
just married couple!!!

*kak MIZA dan abg AJ *

actually in the morning...there were this 'marhabban' session. it was on 9.30 morning.... know.. it was holiday.*saturday*. so...the entire family just went on sleeping ~ I did actually wake up.early!!! and I took my bath just after I perform Subuh... but....the place seems too quiet. so.. I decided to back on my sleep. and back into my dreamland..
until suddenly my brother yelled at me to wake up. the time was 12.30 pm. ^-^''
we finally there at the wedding at 1.45 pm... many of my relative were already there...*helping* I don't really know what to do... I just instantly grab a plate...*obviously to eat!!!   >.<''*
there I met with my gegirl cousin. hehe...*saudara prmpuan la* they were giving out the door gift to people~ so I smiled at them...*wishing them enjoy*
after eating.... head to their house..nothing to d…

my mum back from L.A.

Assalamualikum w.b.t.

today, at 2 in the mum's plane arrive to KL.
so my big bro went to fetch her at airport KLIA..
my dad had to go for his work as he got meeting at 2.

and me...
waiting at home for my mum. ^-^. *actually, I woke up late this morning*

my mum went to Los Angelas...for 9 days.
it is her trip for achieving certain target in her job.
lucky for her...
she went to many amazing. awesome. wonderful places there~

4.00 pm
the gate is opening...
guess what..they're back!!! -alhamdulillah-

mum looks tired though....
but she says she a bit hungry and went to eat our breakfast.
she falls asleep later~ *jetlag*

skip all the stories..
and here...the souvenirs.well.what do you think?
my mum went for a vacation
and of course she buy something.

*little tiny pursue for lunch* one for mum,  one for sis and  one for me :)
*this is my mums', -coach-*
*also my mums'. -coach-*
*some shirts for the boys* Los Angelas !!!
*guess what?? this is my mums'.haha...s…