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my life in 'U'~

heee.baru skg nak update pasal U ye.. padahal da 3 minggu da bergelar mahasiswi ni..;')
ok.what am I going to write here is that what exactly did I do every day at there~
my class start at 8.30 am every day. so,I have to wake up early in the morning.. every day I wake up at 6.30 or 6.45 in the morning. then I perform subuh prayer, and after that I'm going for shower..:) (I like the shower the most here, but sadly there are no hot water) haha..what do you expect,it is just a hostel...not a HOTEL~
ok.then I prepare to go to class.. at 8.00 am, I'm waiting for my friend, Ain and her housemate~ yeah.she is my friend for this time...^-^V.haha
hah.when everybody is here.. then we are ready to face the 'TANGGA KEJAYAAN' in order to go to the faculty~
every day.yeah..every day...I will have to face that stairs. ~turun sekali...naik sekali~
lps naik tangga tu,mle la tercunggap2... selalunya balik dalam pkul 5 atau 6 petang... so terus je la pergi cafe Rafflesia beli mkn malam.…