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Assalammualaikum w.b.t.

It's Kheiru Time!

- writing something on my mind
- having random thought 
- felt like sharing something publicly

and for me to remember them for a lifetime
in terms of writing.

'Kheiru' is actually my self-childish nickname...
so don't mind it. :3

I love anime called Fruit I made this cute combination of my name and Tohru (one of the character I like)~  * so childish , huihuihui i know.

I'm the 3rd child to a beautiful couple...which are my mom and dad :)

began to see the world of earth with amazing scenery 
and start crying out loud on 1993...*and you can guess my age.right!!

Alhamdulillah.I'm still fine and have good body and creative mind 
and grateful to our creators *ALLAH s.w.t.

dreamt to be an engineer majoring in electrical (power) 
who can make both of her parents and the world proud !!!

I enjoy readings.playing whatever.jogging.watching for groceries. :)

easily fall in love with beautiful song.with great lyrics.that gives inspiration, motivation and deep thought.  ;)

I am not employed yet...currently trying my best for degree in UiTM.
wish me luck friends..

I am not very good in English. Speaking. Elaborating. Memorizing. Writing~...
yeah. writing is the worst of all. 
There is like absolutely no idea at all -_-'
but I will learn how to improve them.......... SOMEHOW~

someday. I will be a better person in Islam. insya ALLAH. ^-^

I love to be ME..instead of anybody.
but for the sake of my own personal info..
I rather keep them private.  :P

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