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Love Rain - Sarang Bi

Assalammualaikum w.b.t.

lucky me...this drama is being aired in KBS (391)..
I got the time to watch it from episode 1...:)

the one who act are Jang Geuk Suk (You're Beautiful) and Yoo-na (SNSD).
this drama have two love story between the parents and one between their childrens.
at is the story of the parents but they were fated to not be together...
and now..both of their children met in coincidence at Japan..
without knowing that their parents know each other!!!

Problem : are their fate is the same as the parents??
awesome....really want to know how it end.

it is always like this..
once I got into one korean drama...
I start to listen their OST,Original Sound Track..
over and over again...

and I also thought that it is a lovely song ever...^-^

Tiffany - Because It's You

Mianhadan mal haji marayo..
Nae-ge sarangeun kkeuti aninde..
Ireohke uri heyeojindamyeon..
Eotteo-khaeyo.. Eotteo-khaeyo..

Sarang hana ppuninde sarang-hal su eopt-ko..
Cheongmal ha-goshipeun mal hal s…


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

apakah itu Beani??
pernah kan anda melihat simbol ini [B]..
semasa anda ingin menonton wayang??

hah....itu la.
main belasah je beli tiket wayang...
let me tell you the whole story then..^-^

rabu lepas....plan ngn syazana nak tgok wayang...
yela...skali-skala,jmpa kawan lama......
destiny : sunway pyramid :)

dlm pukul 11 lbh..ktorg da smpi kat sunway dah..
then straight g tmpat wayang...
mle2 plan nak tgok cabin in the wood...
tp akak tu kata x de plak....apantah lg dia ckp,x brp faham..
so, trus je decide tgok Miror Miror.
lps tu...kena dcide tmpt plak kan...
kat sini da pelik da tau..
knp tmpat dia couple seat je???
bkn selalu memanjang ke....
tp ktorg pilih je la..

syazana kata [B] stand for Budak2...
yela tu budak2...

msok je panggung wayang tu...
cpt2 tgok balik no seat kat tiket uh..
hah..??x cye...

it is really a couple seat...
actually not seat...we had to lay down when watching the movie.
best x??haha..

sori la....x amk gmbr.
sbb …

really random

Assalammualaikum w.b.t.

Hello Thursday!!
it has been 3 weeks already since my foundation ended.
and I still didn't do anything useful~
all I did was wake up,eating,watching,surfing,sleeping~....
and all kind of it...

just sometimes..
I drive the car..which every once in a week~
Make a tea in the evening.....which sometimes very late in the evening at the point where nobody want to drink..instead, end up being freeze in the refrigerator.
Tidy up my bedroom....which I just do it last week, and I'm not going to touch them now.

you know what??
yesterday I read the newspaper...haha.impressive right??!!
well....I just read the ones that attracts me....
there is this article...talking about how women now decide on living alone rather that being in marriage....

"Can a woman live without a man?
Sure. Do we want to live with a man,
if we happen to meet the right one?
Of course we would, we're not daft."

is it nice?? ^-^

mei-chan no shitsugi

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

This is 2009 Japan fiction-drama....and it's usual, the genre of romantic comedy is the best show ever...add on school-life with shounen (full of male characters),heee...^-^

The drama is about a young lady, Shinonome Mei who recently lost both of her parents in accident and later found out that she is a grandchild of a rich family, Hongou and is their only heir. They possesed all the electronic device in the whole...her father, Hongou Shuutari give up his inheritance to marry his dream girl which was Mei's mother.

Mei had been transferred to St. Lucia Academy in order to remain her parent together in one grave as her grandfather decide only to buried his son and forget about the wife.

St. Lucia Academy is a high cost school for girl only to become lady-like. The difference here is all the lady have their butler to served them and all of them are good looking man-handsome-!!!!
Mei owns a butler (Shitsugi), Shibata Rihito which S-rank butler …

Novel : Tak Mungkin Dia, Rania Firdaus

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

the story resolved around the rich family...sume pakai Datin ngn Datuk je. Erina Putri Jelita bt Junaidi...the youngest child of couple of Junaidi and Erni.after her brother Ezil... they have a blood of Indonesia..that is why her name sounds like indon~ anyway...the story told about her life, met a boy at her high school (form 2),Azhar..that boy's family doesn't like their relationship... result in a big misunderstanding. which is the boy is told to be death!!! Erina become gloomy and sad because that is the first person she close to after her best friend,Jun. time pass by.. she met another man, Izhar during her camp after SPM..Izhar indeed has feeling for her..and wish their relationship can be further deep....don't know what their fate is... they met again when studying at UTM,Kuala Lumpur..^-^''
the conflict here is...Erina by coincedence met a person with the same face as Azhar...whose she thought was dead.. so.who is that guy???Is it tr…

bwk kete lg~

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I have already got my driving license but,
I still don't have the courage to drive it all by myself..
despite it is only an automatic car..(kancil)..

I hope someday I'll get that C.O.U.R.A.G.E.

only then, I manage to drive whenever I want..
at any time to anywhere..right??!

the most thing that I scare is..
to bring the car out from it place...
which is at the corner of my house...

that place is at the left corner..
I need to adjust the wheel in order to reverse..
and get out of the house..

that is the part where I can't really master.haha...

second is..
the RoundAbout~~~~~
the tendency to be caught in accident is way too much..
considering that my heart which is beating fast..
with my pair of eyes that doesn't really focus..
this is just too much...