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1 Mont Kiara

gunung mana pulak la kan aku pegi ni?haha

hah.mle2 igt gunung..bunyi cm 'Mount' tu hah..
rpenye Mont je...
lokasi kat Kuala Lumpur.^^'

it is hard at first to find this place..
because we enter a new road which doesn't seem so familiar..
then, alhamdulillah we found the sign board..
but I don't really sure what's happen in the car..
because I was away from my body all the time.haha...
(aku tdo je spnjg masa tu, bgn2 je da smpi en)

surprise me!!
there was no malay with a scarf???what??
it seems like only me and my mother wear a scarf..
all of them were outsiders...

it is time for mghrib prayer..
so,we head to the surau..
guess what??there was no one there..haha.
heee.what's happen here...
where are those malay go??aip.aip....

well.our intention for going mont kiara was to buy a digital camera..
as for me, I want to go out!!!hehe..^.^

new member :)

Salam semua..!!^^'
ececeh.mcm la ada yg baca post ni en.hmmm~

there are so many things I like to write on, but...
I just don't know how to describe it in writing form.hehe.... I want to talk about my first lab session.
physic's lab...
I got new lecturer and a new group..
actually the member was just the same..just add one more person..A MAN~
he was the new boy in our class...
so. my lab group consists of 3 girls and 1 boy.haha...
poor guy I think...

we are totally quiet at first..
because we don't know each other....I don't even know his name.
it's getting noisy as one of my friend there was eagerly to talk with him..
so, she just say..'You do that','hye, get this reading'...and some other too..
me??I just do my job quietly while watching them..^-^''

well.I just hope that we can get along with each other well..
although he also a quiet type person,..
I wish he will become more manly and help in doing the experiment~....