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Maal Hijrah

" Old friends pass away, new friends appear.
It is just like the days.
An old day passes, a new day arrives.
The important thing is to make it meaningful :
a meaningful friends or
a meaningful day or
even a meaningful life ''

It is a nice quote..which what I would wish for this new chapter of my life..a new year in calender of Islam..
For each day I've to live is all depends on me, avoid things to turn into upside down, I have to make a better decision..there maybe some that I've to depend on others too~ me through these day so that I'll make it meaningful and happily. ^-^

like la post ni


A. Ahli Syurga Dari Awal.
B. Ahli Neraka Dari Awal.
C. Ahli Neraka Sementara Kemudian Akan Dilantik Jadi Ahli Syurga.

EMPAT GANJARAN LUMAYAN (khas untuk jawatan A):
1. Nikmat kubur.
2. Perlindungan di Padang Mahsyar.
3. Keselamatan Meniti Titian Sirat.
4. Syurga yang kekal abadi.

Bila-bila masa secara adhoc bermula dari saat membaca iklan ini.

Di dalam kubur (alam barzakh).

Anda tidak perlu bawa siji-sijil.
Anda tidak perlu bawa pingat.
Anda tidak perlu bawa wang atau harta (yg banyak).
Anda tidak perlu berparas rupa yg cantik, hensem atau berbadan tegap
atau seksi.
Sila bawa dokumen asal Iman dan Amal.

Mungkar dan Nakir.

1. Siapa Tuhan anda?
2.. Apa Agama anda?
3. Siapa Nabi anda?
4. Apa Kitab anda?
5. Di mana Kiblat anda?
6. Siapa Saudara anda?

Anda cuma perlu menunggu penjemput yang berkaliber untuk menj…

out again

last Tuesday, I went out to Berjaya Time Square~
with Faaiqah, Lyana, Husna and Syahrol...
well..most of that time I spent with Faaiqah and Lyana actually...
while the other two enjoy themselves...
we just met up when it is the time for our movie!!!( REAL STEEL )

it's been a while since I last saw them...
so.we just talk about what did we do during the holiday!!^.^

and you guys know what??
I'm the first one to arrive at KTM (-____-'')
I thought I was the one that is LATE but's the other way around.
so.I just have to wait until they showed up...
YES...actually,I didn't know how to go to TS.:'
that is why I have to wait for them.>.<''

all the way long, we just talk about random stuff...
the's's been a while..and others~

I had my lunch at PAPA JOHN..
there was many choices of place to eat actually,
but out of that many, we chose papa john instead.haha..(what an explain~)

the order was much like pizzas...
just there…

The conclusion


this is is only a week left before my 'U' life start!!!
I have not watch all the movies yet...aiyah~
but you know what??
I spent most of my time watching movies...
but still, there is plenty of them in my lappy somehow that I don't able to watch YET!! :'P

so as for my break this whole 6 weeks..
I don't do much thing...
I did the cleaning, eating, watching, and some sort of other...-ing
and honestly, I did do some studying...
but it just last for a second and then....ZZZzzzz~

well.I have known my result for the past semester..
so.according to my family..
this is only half of the, I have to make it a ROAD so that I can pass through the next for that, I'll be very keen for this time.I'll focus 100% in my lecture hall and do all the assignment and homework given smart and nicely done!!!yush...FIGHTING!!!