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time sure pass very fast lately...

I'm officially a University's student...

I've finished answering my physic, chemistry, computing, tassawur, mathematics exam~ kind of very well....

Ramadhan is coming!!! ^-^

and next test 2...
then My beloved Syawal!!!! ;')

then my final test~
and come my whole month of break of semester....='>

that a very deep schedule~
come to think of this..
I have class this monday...and I have tons of tutorials...and I also have not start assignment which is the due date is 8 of August (within a week)..-___-''

exam at night

x pernah2 aku exam time malam.
ni la 1st time
tasawur CTU 085 dr jam 8.20 - 9.20 malam...

mmg sgt mencabar..
sbb study last minute.cni la padahnye~....

solan ada 2 bhg..
bhg A - 10 objektif (5 M)
bhg B - 2 essei (10 M)

bhg A pun byk yg kan pulak nak wat solan essei..
mmg nyesal la x bce btol bab kjadian manusia td...
kalau baca td mmg...eeee...da bole da jwb~..:'(

whatever it is..
I hope I did manage to get more than 8 marks...(^-^)

one thing that I want to tell is that...
I saw Hakim and Ali at the exam hall..
that's mean they have the same lecturer of CTU 085 as me..=')

wednesday with meimei~

meimei is one of my high school friends..
she is also a librarian like me..
we kind of close because of that,I think..

well,now she's at UniRazak.
further on foundation in management or something like that.heee.^^.
at setia jaya..

my journey starts at KTM sek19.haha
I'm traveling alone..
I bought a ticket to setia jaya..
our destiny is to sunway pyramid to watch Harry Potter!!!

I dress up a little bit late,so..
meimei had waiting for me like a hour or so..
I'm so sorry,my friend..^-^''
but then...
it just turn up that I had been waiting for her as she had a group discussion before I managed to setia jaya station..heee's a win-win situation.ahakx~

the wind is so breeze that time..'s cool~
then,meimei showed up,..with her two friends.named zi and fara (I dont remember well)...
it's 1.10 pm~
ahhh..I really want to watch Harry Potter.

so,we just walk from UniRazak to sunway..
it takes about 15 mins to reach there....
at the end,we safely watch Harry Potter …

a week to go~

go where...go where..???

ahhhh.enjoy la...^-^V
today is my mid-sem holiday.yahoooo!!!
it a week of holiday..
after a serious-not-so-so study at UITM PUNCAK ALAM~
yap.and a 1st test of physisc,chemistry and maths..fuuuh

speaking of that...I start to feel a little bit disappointed towards what have I did in the test.='(
especially in my physic test..its horrible..I don't know how my mark will be.
but I can guess it right a way~
but still I hope I can pass the test.although this is 1st test,but it felt like a final already.
huhuhu....susa la~

in that case...
in this week of holiday,..I have to study back all the lectures note back.
I have to understand the concept well,do lots of lots of exercises....yah.^-^''
(wish me luck for this whole week)

I don't know what to do!!!

according to my precious calender of UiTM
I will be having a TEST 1 NEXT WEEEK!!!

there are so many things that I didn't understand...
the calculation...the format...the formula..

ya Allah ya Tuhanku,
berikanlah kepada hambamu ini kekuatan dari segi fitrah dan batinnya,Ya ALLAH~
permudahkanlah aku untuk mengulangkaji pelajaran dan membuat latihan.
aku memohon kepadamu Ya Allah, ketenangan hati dan kelapangan jiwa.

to be truth.
I'm really..really..really afraid to face the exam.
it is not that I don't study for the past week..
it is because whenever I attempted to answer the question..
i couldn't get the right answer.
all I depend are on the tutorial classes.

Physics, Chemistry, Computing, Mathematics...
as for the first class, I can follow them as it is the same topic I learned back in my secondary school...
but as the time pass by...
the subject get into some topic new...
and the lecturer just keep on teaching and teaching and teaching...
and suddenly, when I do a r…