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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

"Mata boleh berzina dgn melihat, lidah boleh berzina dengan bercakap, tangan boleh berzina dengan berpegangan. Kaki boleh berzina dengan berjalan ke arah tempat maksiat. Hati pula boleh berzina dgn merindui, mengingati dan membayangi si dia." - [HR Bukhari dan Muslim]
can't you see?? there are many things that we aren't aware of can be classified as adultery ,'zina'...*ni guna google translate aje ni
with all our special five organs...eyes, tongue, hand, leg, heart before doing something, we must think first before doing it. whether it will go to the good side or bad side... and that thing that you do, you must faces the consequences afterwards. don't ever think of getting away from it.
"what are we going to do  if we are unconsciously doing something without thinking in the first place ?"~ for me. I really am in a kind of tense situation . that is why I did  it. >.< hmmmm...*but I'm not having that situation on …

yokatta- finally the end of part one

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

praise to Allah. I've did my good job for the final..
that's what I think...
I hope for the best then.

i'll be at home for the whole break then..
still planning what to do~

and currently I'm reading a novel~
I have another three unread novel to be read...*wait for me u guys~ >.<

it took me awhile to tidy up my room. felt like i've been moved away.haha...(pindah rumah)
from hostel to home sweet home..
I thought my things weren't as many as others..
but actually, it is quite a lot.
and now there is pain in my neck and my back as I need to carry all of my things on my own~  *yeah, served you right then.

and just so you know..
I've been all night watching this japan drama...
-Sunao ni Narenakute-

and amazingly finished the whole episode in the night. hehe...

it stars Ueno Juri (Nodame Contabile)...she is really good in acting. and the way she speak is just so cute...

the story resolve upon these five peoples in …

suddenly remember

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

*tau-tau je la tangkap guna apa kan~ * memang tengah tak de kerja. dah lebih 30 minit tunggu adik kesayangan aku yang sorang ni habis sekolah. dalam kereta kancil depan sekolah menengah aku dulu..>.<'' ahhhh..tbe2 rasa rindu plak...

yang ni plak permandangan dekat side driver...haha..(nak jugak bg tau) tgok.tgok.tgok... itu DEWAN AL-MADANI !! huhuu...lama dah x main-main dalam dewan ni. dulu pun time sekolah dulu dewan ni baru je siap.. sempat la berdrama kat sini masa form 4 ngn form 5.  ^-^'' sekarang kat tepi ni dah ada padang bola sepak da. wooo....ada simen gitu. cayalah. tapi kalau dulu ada pun, bukan nya dapat main bola pun~ (kita kan perempuan~) laaaaa...rindu zaman sekolah. tapi segan nak masuk sekolah.haha... takpe.takpe.... tgok dari jauh pun dah cukup.. orang kata,, " Jauh di mata, tapi Dekat di hati " kan...ececeh~
apa-apa pun... setiap kejayaan yang kita capai semua ni it is all comes from school !! well …

In D' end of Semester

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

it's only 2 more week left for the end of semester 1.
woooo..Time sure travels fast.
its felt like just yesterday I'm getting all excited to be called degree student.

and now I'm getting all mess up, preparing for the next paper~
with all the theorems, formulas and all sort of variables.
it suddenly struck me that
there is a way lot more challenging stuff in a future !!
heh.kind of split out randomly but
that is just how I feel right now.

nothing will get any easier if you don't try to understand them.
it only will get more difficult than ever.
that is what I call " Challenges "...

what am I doing now?
don't you see...??
I am trying to get over the things inside my head that makes something
called " headache " , hehe...:P

I want to be better in anything I do. . >.<
so that I won't trouble anyone around me.

ps:/ Not satisfied with my answer for final exam.. :'(