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If u think positive..sure BOLEHpunyer!!
gud luck :)

Al-Fathihah for my granpa

23 of August 2010..
13 of Ramadhan

like always.i will wake up at 5 am to prepare for 'sahur'..
so,i just went to toilet and wash my face...
as a grip my feels like someone was outside.
it was my mum.
she said 'aki da meninggal dunia.cepatla turun,tolong kemas2.abg ajir ngn haris ada kat bwh tu.'
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...(kind of not believe) was the truth..
my one granpa had pass away this morning..
after eating the 'sahur',...
we(family) clean up the house as jenazah will be broougt here..
it was sad to know that he was gone....
i can feel the missing somehow...
maybe it was because of we had live with him this entire whole time..


Maid Sama !

know this anime..
yes..i kind of like it.

its a romance type of anime with some funny scene..
here was a song for it,...

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igt leh dtg skula ari nie.
tp bdn nie rse x sdp je.
terpaksa la ponteng skula rinie.
hrap2 hari nie x de la byk keje skula..

baba ckap suh dtg esok.
esok pun skula gak..
skula gnti raya nie...
ikut jadual ari jum..
esok tanye la kwn pe keje ri nie.

karangan BM....


why is this topic is so hard to write about..?
maybe because it is only facts...
this week must be pass up to my teacher la..
what to do..??

Skema Bm Kertas1 Set3View more documents from cikguaniza.

how are you?

I'am very tersangat sangat fine.
Thank you for asking.
well,you know the the TRIAL exam is just around the corner..
and i just don't have the confident to take that exam..
which is make me so can't focus on some subject in this few days...

i wish there was someone who can help me. this ramadhan.
i think i should be in calm and piece in a little bit,RIGHT??
so.lets do increase pray and reading the quran .
this is the best solution among all..

Don't do..

For the SPM's remember that we only have 4 weeks left for the TRIAL.
yes....i do remember can i forget about it.

and after that is another 2 months for our real SPM paper.wah~

i can't handle my feeling about's freak me out on remember that my SPM is really going to happpen....(nehh,what am i saying :/)

well.for that...i have found some tips on that i shouldn't do WHILE studying physics...
not only physics i guess...i can also apply this on other subject too..

Here are them..:

1. DON'T simply memorize the physics' facts without understand the whole concept.

2. DON'T postpone to seek explaination on any concept that u do not understand. Go & seek your teacher's explaination during & after the class. Otherwise find a tutor or good friends that can help you to solve these problems.

3.DON'T simply revise without doing any exersice. U need to practise what u've read.

4.DON'T rely on just one reference book to study …

Maher Zain - Open Your Eyes