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know what?
my mum say shes gonna hired a maid..
new MAID..
that a good news rite..
i dont think ill be just fine with a stranger in this house.
what to do.???

i had download the song..
hear it in my blog k..=]
my friend introduced the band to me..
thanks so much teah..=]

i hate it

it such a burden to brought my LK beg today... cause there's no class due to the 'Kemahiran Mengingat' that last until recess... so.. that makes my whole body tired to carry it along in the bus together with my track suit.. arghhh..
okay. today i enter the badminton society that is gonna pick for the 'wakil sekola'.. i think... know how they pick.. they just ask if u want to play... then go play with the winner last year.. from that playing,they just examinate if u would able to play better... that all.. its a random play. for who that 'not able' would just sit down back and watch others playing... neh..


this week was so so so tired...
last thursday was the tiredness day of the entire week..
cuz that day i was at school until 6.30 pm
what an exhausted day..
lucky me that my mum pick me up..
if not..
i have to suffered in the bus all alone..(dont want)

among this week..
i like the tuesday..
that was something that only can happen that day.
or maybe another..i still dont think it wont happen again..=]

wateva it is..
i will go through all the day after this with courage.
hope i'll do my best..

layari web ini!!

korg2 sume yg skula 18.
layari r web nie tgok ustaz ayob sme2...=]

bangga kte jd ank murid ustaz ayob ni..


Somebody...!!pliz help me with my physic plizzzz...
neh.i alwayz have a problem answering my
physics question.
no matter how hard i try,the answer still not going to be right.
well after check it with my teacher of course.
watever it is.i still have a lot work to do
to get a good result then i will try again and again and
again and again.......

next.this week was exhausting me.
because i have to write a thousand word.haha
meaning i have to write an essay and have to pass it
of course i manage to settle it.
but i lost my 2 hours of sleeping..-[