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story about my lil bro

I have 2 lil brother,..
one is Firdhaus.age 13 years old.
currently study at SMK SEKSYEN 18 aka my high school,..
he was totally hate the school.
because he didn't want to take arabic subject.

at first, he assumed that he will be going to SSAAS
unfortunately, my mum register him to my school.
the form 1 student are in evening (12 noon)
so, he might taking bus like me in order to go to the school..

well, up until today,..
he always complaint about how he didn't like the school..
everything was too hard for him.

i know that he is new in high school
he also didn't have friends at first..
all his friends were in SSAAS,~

it is just a matter of time went he finally love the school like I did
Firdhaus,FIGHTING OH!!

the other brother is Aliemy.age 11 years old.
currently study at SKRM (I)
he is the youngest among the siblings

whenever he appear, I just had this feeling of annoying..
well, he is an annoying little kid
do u ever heard of phrase 'kurang kasih sayang'..?
but my br…


today,it feels like the things went back as before
before means that
there's only me and my 2 other brother together with my mum...
yeah,not forget my cousin..=/

my father just travel to Franz,..
for working,of course.
fyi it is a beautiful country...
ah,i wish i could go there for further my studies..>.
my sis and my older brother
went back to their 'U' for the next semester!!
haha..mereka kena belajar!!
saya di rumah kena jd suri rumah~

HappY nEW yEAR 2011

Happy New Year

.this year is going to better than before.
better late than never~