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Calculus II....??? =.=''

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

why is it so hard to solve the problems??
I spend more than an hour to figure out ONE question only~~~ tired of thinking ....:'(

not most of them I really find the answer..
literally I leave it blank...
and plan to just ask few of my friends~ haaa

wonder if the teacher will get angry with me.
because I just solve those with the easiest!!!
(tapi bukan senang sgt pun....susa jugak la)

I'm learning the integration now...
the sample given are way to easy compare to the practices..
how come they did it like that???
I did do them step by step though..
it just the answer WON'T come out!!

Please.... help..... me.....~

I... am....... helpless....=.=''

Spain she goes~

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I'll gladly want to share to you that my sister had already fly to Spain..
to further her studies in engineering course there..
after spending 2 years of A-Level here at UniKL, Kulim....

lucky me I still be able to accompany her at airport.
it was at the evening...
they were waiting for the tour guide to lead them..
after the briefing...
we went to pray solat Maghrib...
fuuuuuu....there was a lot of people in there...with that small surau.
but we made it eventually..  ^-^

actually there was a few other student who under MARA that also fly at the same day...
so many people were at the airport...
including their aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, grandfather, grandmother and so on..

before my sister went back to her group..
we had our dinner at Mc Donald~
I brought back my french fries to college as I could not finished it.

these are all my sister's classmate.. they all go to Spain... but some are going to Barcelona...while some to Zeragoza  *which my sister did*


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.


tamatlah sudah seminggu orientasi di UiTM Shah Alam.. bagi menyambung pelajaran di peringkat Ijazah Sarjana Muda..:)
bermula 1 September 2012  berakhir 8 September 2012 (* 8 hari ni.bukan seminggu~)
waaaah...mula-mula masa hari pertama tu. Ya Allah~ kenapa lah akak-akak PM (Pembantu Mahasiswa) ni sume garang-garang?? keje asyik nak jerit-jerit je. asyik nak mara je...terutama Biro Disiplin la. tiap ari bangun kul 4...*tp ada jugak hari tu telajak kul 5.30. kelam-kabut mandi.takut PM mara. tiap ari jugak tdo kul 1 lebih. tiap ari kena makan cepat-cepat. tiap ari kena tahan ngntok. tiap ari takut nak skip taklimat sbb nanti PM jerit-jerit kat korang.~ * memang x patut buat.
but actually... they are all kind as a mother~ *my mother is kind, that why I prefer mother as the sample. diorang buat macam tu utk membentuk ktorang budak-budak "freshie" ni jadi orang yg baik-baik. tak lupa Tuhan..tak lupa mak ayah..dan …