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what to do then??

pelik tol la..
knp la nak exam final ni aku syik sibok nak tgok drama korea plak ni..
dlu2 x de pun..

kalau nak kata tension tu...x de la sgt
I still can handle things smoothly like always.hoho..
I had two paper recently...mathematics and bel(english).
I really don't know how to expect my mark would turn out to be~
but I really,really,really hope that I can pass them..(insyaAllah)

yup..back to our main topic.
I currently watching Dream High..
where is the story of a group of student who wish to be a famous singer and dancer.
I will say that this story is very supportive story too.
how they struggle to be debuted...even though there are such difficulties ahead of them.
with their teacher's support, they obtain the courage to fight back and gain the spirit back..^0^''

and absolutely I haven't finish watching it yet..
and that's why I spend most of my nite time watching the drama...
Life is like an onion:
You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep


this year of aidilfitri was the best raya i've ever had before....

actually every year was best but this time it is more to COOLEST...^-^

yup..this is my family...
we were using the timed-camera to capture this photo..
it was really nice as we all just suddenly became stone of smiley when the camera showed number of 3 , 2 ,.....:')
then the pictures is taken...

no more kuliah.???

is it for real???!!

ala..kitorg asasi je kan.itu yg skejap tu.
lps ni FINAL trus kot.

lg seminggu dr skg..

aku pun nak sambut One Malaysia jgk 16 September ni..

start final 21/9...yah.^-^
paper Math...
wish you all best of luck...:')