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somthing I realise.. somthing I realise.. Reviewed by kheiru on 8:03:00 AM Rating: 5
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah hiwabarakatu...^-^ just by this week,.. I had finished answering my test 1 for 4 subject (math,chemistry,phy...
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Test 1 (2nd sem) Test 1 (2nd sem) Reviewed by kheiru on 12:04:00 AM Rating: 5
7:06:00 AMx
Assalammualaikum W.B.T. hyaiyah!!!! actually it is not me who wants to buy a laptop.. but it was my friend, Mira instead. I'm just acco...
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Out for a LAPPY Out for a LAPPY Reviewed by kheiru on 7:06:00 AM Rating: 5
9:18:00 AMx
yah..for the first time nak jalan2 kat area puncak alam.. with pika and intan..(they are my classmate). plan nak pegi lps kelas csc.. but b...
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pasar malam!! pasar malam!! Reviewed by kheiru on 9:18:00 AM Rating: 5
have you ever feel the same?? have you ever feel the same?? Reviewed by kheiru on 7:02:00 AM Rating: 5


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