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9:51:00 AMx I was going out with 2 of my high school friends.... we were just wondering around PAS, SACC n Kompleks PKNS. honestly, I just ...
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nothing to GREAT nothing to GREAT Reviewed by kheiru on 9:51:00 AM Rating: 5
8:59:00 AMx
baru skrg aku rasa betapa susahnya nak membuat sesuatu keputusan. walaupun ia untuk kebaikan kita mahupun kebaikan orang lain yang hadir dal...
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tbe2 pulak terasa... tbe2 pulak terasa... Reviewed by kheiru on 8:59:00 AM Rating: 5
8:12:00 AMx
WELL DONE~. I said to myself as I have finished reading this amazing novel.. written by Siti Rosmizah. ^^'' novel ni beli masa ...
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novella seterusnya novella seterusnya Reviewed by kheiru on 8:12:00 AM Rating: 5
10:39:00 AMx
assalammualaikum :'> is been two weeks already that I'm having my mid break~ but still. there is no single time that I spent ...
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physic,again~ physic,again~ Reviewed by kheiru on 10:39:00 AM Rating: 5
Cupid - Girl's Day (City Hunter OST) Cupid - Girl's Day (City Hunter OST) Reviewed by kheiru on 10:07:00 AM Rating: 5
I love garbage collector!! I love garbage collector!! Reviewed by kheiru on 8:27:00 PM Rating: 5
english...speak NOW!! english...speak NOW!! Reviewed by kheiru on 4:50:00 AM Rating: 5


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