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time sure pass very fast lately... time sure pass very fast lately... Reviewed by kheiru on 9:36:00 AM Rating: 5
10:06:00 AMx
huhu.. x pernah2 aku exam time malam. ni la 1st time tasawur CTU 085 dr jam 8.20 - 9.20 malam... mmg sgt mencabar.. sbb study last minute.c...
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exam at night exam at night Reviewed by kheiru on 10:06:00 AM Rating: 5
wednesday with meimei~ wednesday with meimei~ Reviewed by kheiru on 7:18:00 AM Rating: 5
9:24:00 PMx
go where...go where..??? ahhhh.enjoy la...^-^V today is my mid-sem holiday.yahoooo!!! it a week of holiday.. after a serious-not-so-so stu...
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a week to go~ a week to go~ Reviewed by kheiru on 9:24:00 PM Rating: 5
I don't know what to do!!! I don't know what to do!!! Reviewed by kheiru on 9:31:00 AM Rating: 5


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