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UTP Educamp 2011

psssst..this is for the private student. yeah.I'm not qualified to get Petronas scholarship.. so,I applied for the university itself only~ lucky me that I made to the shortlisted for this educamp. on 26th of April 2011!!!! ^.^
it really sad that my friend didn't made it..=( well.he did wished me aje..
this Educamp were held at UTP itself. The Chancellor Hall..0.0' beautiful place to be. aha.want to see it..just google it.^.^
my mother and my brother were the one who accompany me there. we had to wake up early in the morning because it is in PERAK. you know what,I can't really sleep that night. I don't know why,but..yeah.I'm nervous.really nervous. this is the first interview that I got called.
thank GOD.we made it to the destiny. we got lost in the middle of the way though.^-^ I got the 'C' card
the first 2 hours there were a talk from the naib chancellor. and a little bit about the interview session.
the interview was at the Block B. so in order to …


there is always someone better than YOU.yeah.always remember that.. so.. I can't be the best.. even if I've tried to be one but
at least you have try your best ^.^


16 April 2011jam 8.00 pagi - 11 lebih +++ smmgnya saya mndpt byk surat drpd IPTS. dan pd satu hari.. surat ini tiba tp agk pelik.. krn dia tidak ada logo atau apa-apa.. just my name and address.. + cop kat ats!!!
hoho.saya pun bukak je la en best tau kalau dpt surat ni.^.^. woah.jmputan pg MAKA. (Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan Akademik) utk 8A SPM 2010...[^.~] there's two week to go~
and then... the time comes. la mse nye saya tebus balik utk naik pentas.. dlu mse amk result saya t'lepas en.. ^_____^
dgn hujan lebat pg tu.. nasib baik da renyai2 skit mse nak pg skula.. but then.hujan lebat balik...woooo sgt sejuk~~...eeeeeeee
the program went safe and sound.. ramai jgk rpenya bdk yg dpt PMR9A oo. terer btol bdk zmn skg ni..=] bangga.bangga...

feeling sad

this is sad...when something that you really.really.really want hope for it.. and even pray for it..
didn't turn up as you wish it would be~
nothing to do. but we just have to deal with it.
hope for another chances to come.. and bring back the light!!

car license done *check :)

walaupun set alarm jam 6.30...
asyik snooze je, smpi kul 7.30 bru bgun~ well.that's normal for me these day actually.^.^
the differences are. today I didn't get back to sleep this morning. that is because I have a paper to be fill in.
then.I opened my computer. heard the song of Taylor Swift-Jump then Fall.^-^ kind of falling to it...
tenet..tenet..(bunyi sms masuk) 'Tahniah.Anda telah memiliki lesen kereta, sila datang ke metro sek2 utk mengambilnya serta mmbuat pmbyran yg slbhnya' lbh kurang cmni la ayt nye.
wah.happy mood came...^.^ so I phoned the metro to set the time to be there.. after 2.00 pm...orite.
yeah.I have no more related to the metro driving academy after this. hee.kind of sad a little because they just too kind and helpful in teaching me to drive a car. well.I can't see them anymore after this,rite....
I just have to make sure I didn't forget what the teacher had teach me. and be the best driver on the road and avoid accident!!![^.~] aaaaaaaami…

ngntook nyeeeew~

sumpah saya x tipuhari memang sgt mengantuk. walaupun smlm x de la lewat sgt saya tidur lbh kurg pukul 1.30 ceng gitu.. itupun sbb isi borg scholarship Astro.
hari ni kena bgn awl pagi sbb ada kelas memndu.. mmg sengaja 'book' pg2 tak ramai org so sng sikit nak berlatih kat litar Metro tu
da siap2 sume nak pegi kelas,tbe2 woah.ngantuk nyeeee~~ nak baring kejap je.boleh? heh.baring la.x de sape kisah pun.:P salunya kalau ada kelas saya akn tggu kat luar rumah. x ske la dgr ckgu tu tkn hon.
tp hari ni.TERLELAP plak.. heh.sampai dua kali hon... maaf.maaf.maaf..(dlm hati je la)
nak tau x??!! dlm kete tu pun saya tidur gak.. haih >.<
but the driving went well.. no more stake going down. hope JPJ nti cm ni. bukit pun saya x sekat2..smooth je jln~ wah.ske.ske.ske...^.^

career test.^.^.

ISFP - ArtistThe ISFP is interested in the fine arts. Expression primarily through action or art form. 5% of the total population.ISFP's can be over-accepting of others and need to be more skeptical at times. Their need to please everyone makes them reluctant to critique any one but themselves. This excessive desire to trust others makes them targets for hurt feelings and disadvantaged relationships. Long-range planning and adherence to policies can be their downfall. When the freedom to act on their instincts is limited, ISFP's become bored, restless, and passively defiant. They are skilled at seeming to comply with regulations while annoying those who cause them distress.

If stress continues to build, ISFP's will penalize others through self-degrading behavior. This behavior has the tendency to divert accountability away from themselves and onto others who they blame for their plight. This res…

MeMoRiEs - oNE PiecE OST

Chisana koro ni wa takara no chizu ga
Atama no naka ni ukandeite
Itsudemo sagashita kiseki no basho o
Shiranai dareka ni makenai you ni
Ima de wa hokori darake no mainichi
Itsu no hi ka subete no
Toki ni mi o makaseru dake
Moshi mo sekai ga kawaru no nara
Nanimo shiranai koro no watashi ni
Tsurete itte omoide ga iro asenai you ni

Chisana koro kara uta o utatte
Yume miru kokoro atatameteta
Minna de maneshita himitsu no merodei
Kondo wa jouzu ni kikoeru you ni
Ima de wa tame iki tsuite bakari de
Daremo mada hontou no
Yume sae tsukamenai mama
Moshi mo jidai ga modoru no nara
Namida o shitta koro no watashi ni
Tsurete itte setsunasa ga oitsukanai you ni

Moshi mo sekai ga kawaru no nara
Nanimo shiranai koro no watashi ni
Tsurete itte omoide ga iro asenai you ni
Tsurete itte setsunasa ga oitsukanai you ni