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  • Aku Taufiq Kau Hidayah 
"Fitnah kepada agama.." Kak Laili meletakkan chopsticknya di atas tisu. ".. ialah kita menyebabkan orang bersangka buruk kepada agama kita. Macam kita sibukkan diri dengan hal agama tapi hal dunia kita tak ambil peduli. Belajar entah ke mana sehingga menyebabkan orang kata kita belajar teruk sebab sibuk sangat dengan pengisian rohani kita. Itu dikira fitnah kepada agama juga. "

  • Cinta SMS


My love for you is not of this earth, but of the Heavens,
Yet I know it's not possible, because Heaven is greater,
And the greatest of all Heavens, is the one with you in it,
For Heaven will not feel heavenly without you, my love.

  • Chomelnya Cinta
Oh Tuhan...apa yang akan jadi lepas ni?Nak berdepan dengan mafia hitam ni...Lain yang diharap,lain pula terjadi.Mak....tolong Hana!!!!

  • Hlovate's Cerita
  You wonder
Is it an angel or yet
Maybe a sweet dream that you can't forget
So close yet far-fetched
Causing you to float on the line
between reality and fantasy

c/o Haunted the nightmares
Creates the ecstasy
Hlovate~oh poisonous honey
Love and hate
Driving me crazy

The poison ivy of Venus
Killing with venom so sweet
You're losing your head
Don't want it yet it keep haunting
Losing yourself in the suffocating mist


The blind arrows of
Piercing cold ice and
warm melting heart
Tearing me apart

  • Skip Beat !

         Cute.Sweet.Comedy and Inspire anime for me. It's good that you could find your own talent, and give it all. This anime shows how a person could possibly be when they put all of their effort into it. Well, you might thought the reason of Kyoko joins the entertainment society is quite unreasonable, but thanks to that she found herself happy to be in it. It's a COOL anime. :)


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