teknik menjawab addmath + physics

i am officially attending a seminar on addmath and physic today..
from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm
i am totally loaded this evening..
in that case.i really want to spend my tea time in bed...
i suddenly remember my friend told me about the 'LAZY' sleep during evening.

as a result.
i spend my evening reading 'STAR Newspaper'..on Education..

during the seminar..
90% of them are from SMK Seksyen 7..
yesterday my childhOod friend just text me..
and ask wether i am free this sunday.
she invited me to this seminar.
at UiTM.Mechanical n Electrical Building.
tgkat plg ats...

the seminar was not so bad
because i kind of fresh that morning..
but i am totally pissed off when our lunch was finished..
there no fOOd for us..
'itu ke padahnya kalau pergi solat dahulu?'
i just wondering what that teacher's say...
we just have to grab a food first..
n then you can perform the solat.


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