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6:44:00 AMx
my family g lwt kakak kat SBPI GOMBAK.. die amk SPM thn nie.. sje ikut nak bg support..=] after that we went to KLCC for jalan2 sje2.. mmg r...
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22.11.2009 22.11.2009 Reviewed by kheiru on 6:44:00 AM Rating: 5
6:40:00 AMx
Title: Can you keep a secret? Author: Sophie Kinsella Summary: This story is about a girl named Emma Corrigan who is a young girl with a...
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baca!! baca!! Reviewed by kheiru on 6:40:00 AM Rating: 5
8:57:00 AMx
guess what?? bru smlam je kte da hbs da bce novel tue.. novel english Can You Keep A Secret tue x sgka.. tetiba je dah hbs bce.. tue r,srono...
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=] =] Reviewed by kheiru on 8:57:00 AM Rating: 5
5:59:00 AMx
today was my class reunion to have this party.. also known as JAMUAN actually we had this jamuan at sunway pyramid in subang.. there's...
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tired tired Reviewed by kheiru on 5:59:00 AM Rating: 5
7:56:00 AMx
im sleepy as i was struggle the other night coz my brother snoring that so loud .. well,i got to sleep with my lil brother as my father were...
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very sleeepy..=/ very sleeepy..=/ Reviewed by kheiru on 7:56:00 AM Rating: 5
10:25:00 PMx
dtg2 skula en terkejut gler tgok atas meja ade 'darah' ble lap ngn tisu jd wane pink lak.. ek eh,rpenye dakwat marker.. nyampah tol ...
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12.11.09 12.11.09 Reviewed by kheiru on 10:25:00 PM Rating: 5
6:11:00 PMx
ngee... kali kedua kte ponteng arie nie.. huhu best gler tgok Buzzer Beat online nie skang bru ep 2.. x sbar nye nak hbs kan.. its 10 more e...
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Reviewed by kheiru on 6:11:00 PM Rating: 5
Taylor Swift -Fifteen Taylor Swift -Fifteen Reviewed by kheiru on 6:00:00 PM Rating: 5
11:05:00 PMx
hari nie hari jumaat, 6.11.2009 spt yg drncg,mmg kte x pegi skula hari nie..=] lena gle tdo,kul 11 bru bgn... ermm.. sdp la lagu taylor swi...
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... ... Reviewed by kheiru on 11:05:00 PM Rating: 5
11:54:00 PMx
hak.. paper dpt arie nie math n sivik.. nseb baik due2 LULUS.. haha.. tp x smpi 80 arr.. sedih tol.. lg menurun ade arr.. sok.. kte,gee n ...
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dpt ketas MATH dpt ketas MATH Reviewed by kheiru on 11:54:00 PM Rating: 5
3:23:00 AMx
alhamdulillah da hbs final exam da..=] tp2... taleh tggalkan buku cmtue aje.. thn depan ade SPM..maa!! nie nak cte nie... kul 2 td wat jamu...
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ngeeee ngeeee Reviewed by kheiru on 3:23:00 AM Rating: 5


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